Creating a blog using github pages is really quite easy. I did a bit of googling before I started and found plenty of articles saying how easy it was but you don’t really know until you try. Well, here it is. All the blog posts I found I sure are useful but I found the Github docs perfectly adequate.

I still need to work on the colours but thanks to Jekyll and with a theme by dbtek the framework is now there.

Why pick jekyll?

I was trying to write my own blogging platform using Railo but why bother? Why pay for hosting when Github will host it for you? Not only is it hosted by Github but through the magic of git it’s all now properly versioned. If anyone spots a typo they can use the github issues to let me know.

So, now that I don’t have to waste time trying to write my own platform I can concentrate on writing more posts.

Happy new year!


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