For over 6 months I’ve been working with Node.js at Concrete so wanted to give my CV a little refresh. I could have just downloaded my existing CV from Google Docs, edited and re-uploaded it again. I could have edited it in Google Docs but I’ve had this CV format for about 10 years so it gets a bit messed up when it gets parsed. There must be a better way.

Enter JSON Resume

This was remarkably easy to get up and running by following the getting started guide. Beyond that it was then just a matter of copying the text from my word document version into a json template.

Here’s the finished product…

So why is this better than a word doc?

  1. I can put it in git and host it on github keeping a history of any changes I make.
  2. The templates can be edited to give it a personal feel or you can create your own from scratch.

What’s not so nice?

  1. This is more an issue with my IDE but spell checking a CV is quite important and with it being in JSON makes that harder.

There is also the Jekyll CV Generator which might be worth a try at some point too.

I clearly could have exported my CV from linkedIn but that would have been too easy.


JavaScript / Node.js Consultant